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Susan Sussman is a clean comedian with an edge. She is relatable on many levels, whether your audience is in their twenties or eighties. A comedian friend said, “Everyone knows a Susan Sussman – she’s likeable and outspoken but not malicious.” Her comedy is about social trends, marriage, family and aging. She’ll occasionally blurt out a Biggie rap or a parody, make fun of her real estate profession and her life with Type I diabetes.

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Susan Sussman grew up in Queens, New York in a family that loved music and comedy. Her influences were the Borscht Belt comedians as well as the masters of one liners like Johnny Carson, Joan Rivers and Bob Hope.

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Susan jokes about being a baby boomer and how totally confused she is about today’s social trends. She has also developed a comedy program for people living in senior independent and assisted living communities.

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Susan enjoys joking about her family and finds humor in their everyday lives. She talks about the different generations from her 93 year old Aunt Lil to her baby granddaughter. No one is safe.

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Susan has had Type I diabetes since 1977. Her problem, she loves sugar. Although she finds “diabetes humor” an oxymoron, her relationship with it is funny and relatable at the same time.

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After twenty plus years as a residential appraiser Susan’s got a ton of material that will tickle your funny bone. She can explain such phrases as “This house is a real crème puff!” or “Honey, stop the car!”

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