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  • Carbohydrate Robot…Robot…Robot…

    My life with food:  Banana = 13 carbs; Oatmeal 1 cup cooked = 26 carbs; 1/2 cup of orange juice = 13 carbs; 1 medium apple = 13 carbs; 1 6oz potato=26 carbs; 1 piece melba thin rye=10 carbs; 1 tbsp of Polaners or Simply Fruit jam = 10 carbs; Robot…Robot…Robot…2 Kedem biscuits=6 carbs; 1 […]

  • Sugar Free Sorbet for Valentine’s Day

    Sugar Free Sorbet for Valentine’s Day

    I love this easy sleazy fresh berry sorbet recipe. It’s so flexible.  You can add any berries or fruit. For Valentine’s Day I would choose red berries like raspberries or strawberries.  Freezing fruit only takes a couple of hours.  And remember, fruits have carbohydrates so adjust your insulin accordingly.
    Must haves:
    Blender […]