Producing A Comedy Show Is A Challenge – Part I

Producing my first show was a challenge. I’m fortunate to be living in an area, Hampton Roads Virginia, with a growing comedy scene and a wealth of resources.  I’ve heard the experienced comedians say that one needs to be doing comedy for at least a few years before producing a successful show. This is true. Glad I waited.

It takes experience, knowledge of the scene and the people in it. For example, I spoke to some friends who have put on shows and run rooms for awhile now. I asked lots of questions like “how many comedians should be in the lineup?” and “how long should the show be?” One friend came to the venue where I was putting on the show and checked out the logistics of the room like the stage height, seating, food area and sound.

Testing spotlights & microphone before the show.

He gave me some good tips such as: 1) put the buffet table far away from the stage to minimalize noise and distractions; and 2) put the tables close to the stage to give it a nightclub atmosphere. Another friend gave me some advice on the do’s and don’t’s of what to serve and pricing. I also took tips from the School of Laughs article by Rik Roberts on “Produce Your Own Show.” His first tip, “find a local group or charity that could use a “no-risk” fundraising event to bring in some donations.” I chose my temple. (Check out the article for lots of tips).

Note: I discuss my producing experience with Rik Roberts on the School of Laughs podcast “Setting up  Your First Fundraiser.” Check out the link below.

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