Saturday Night Laughs was a Huge Success!

What a night! What a feeling! I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out for my first production. I knew so many of the people and didn’t know who to say hello to first. Even a few friends who had other commitments came through.  This was a first time and much needed event at Ohef Sholom Temple. Between the national political climate and changing times at our synagogue, the 150 people who filled Kaufman Hall were ready to laugh. To think that a few weeks earlier I was going to pull the plug after only a few people had signed up. 

So thank you to everyone who showed up. Thank you to the people who worked hard to design posters and websites, sell alcohol, take reservations, set and clean tables. Thank you to the comedians: David Beck, Sid Bridge, Joy Julian, Jon Kranz and Vince Pilato, who put on a great show!  My take away: creating a comedy show may have started with my desire to get a bunch of comedians together and have a fun event, however it takes a lot of dependable and enthusiastic people to make it a success.   

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