I’m Feelin’ Robotic by Susan Sussman

I’m feelin’ like a robot.  I have another electronic object attached to my body.  A transmitter that communicates with a glucose monitoring system that is basically no bigger than my cellphone.

D-E-X-C-O-M Seven Plus has moved my diabetic self into another stratosphere. Every five minutes it reads my blood sugar. I look at the screen and there is my reading. There is a graph that shows the last hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. Crazy!

I still test my blood sugars because DEXCOM is not perfect. As a matter of fact it can be off by 20%.  When my sugars go haywire the margin of error could be larger. It is necessary to calibrate (put in my blood sugars from the glucometer) at least once every 12 hours.  

So how does this work?  Every 7 days I change a sensor pod which sticks to my abdomen.  It is as thin as a hair.  The transmitter sits on the sensor pod. It is waterproof so showering is easy.  It is good underwater up to 30 minutes.  I’ll worry about that when I go swimming but for now showers are as far as I’ve gone.

It’s ugly. Glad I’m not single and in the dating scene because I’m not sure who’d I attract – Geeky Guy here I am!

Why the DEXCOM?  I’ve been diabetic for 34 years now and I’m less sensitive to low blood sugars. This is truly dangerous.  The normal range is 70mg/dl – 120mg/dl.  Sometimes I don’t feel the symptoms until I’m at 45-50mg/dl. This can be very dangerous while sleeping and cause me to go into a coma.  The DEXCOM’s alarm goes off when my blood sugar reading hits 55mg/dl.  I get up and test and then have some juice which is on the nightstand next to me.  The DEXCOM alarm also goes off at 240mg/dl, telling me my blood sugar is high.  These I’m more apt to feel and personally, I don’t feel as threatened by 240mg/dl as I would with 55mg/dl.

When I visit my endocrinologist in July he’ll plug the Dexcom into a computer and see how my control is, if there are any patterns I can change and fine tune me.

So what’s next in my world —  a microchip? Hmmm.